Google Duo brings voicemail into the 21st century

Voicemail is quite an antiquated form of communication, but Google is bringing voicemail into the 21st century with video messages through its Duo video calling service. 

When a friend doesn’t answer your call, a “leave video message” button will pop up on screen letting you leave a 30 second video message. Once the video message has been seen by your contact, they will have the option to call back or simply ignore it.

It’s a whimsical feature that makes the concept of voicemail much more fun. The feature will exclusively work with those who have the Duo app installed. Moreover, voice messages can’t be sent to those who are not your contacts. All video messages will be end-to-end encrypted and will expire 24 hours after viewing them, but users will have the option to download them locally in case a message is particularly entertaining.

Google is now rolling out the feature for Android and iOS.

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