Google Calendar for web just got a beautiful redesign

Google says it’s “time for a refresh,” and we couldn’t agree more. The search giant on Tuesday unveiled a big redesign for Google Calendar on the web, introducing elements of Material Design that mobile users have enjoyed in the iOS and Android apps. You can see from the screenshot below that the experience has been greatly improved.

However, the Calendar improvements aren’t just skin deep. Google says many of the updates are based on customer feedback.

For business users, you can see conference room details when booking a room, add rich formatting and hyperlinks, manage multiple calendars side by side, and more. You can even see contact information of meeting participants when you hover over their names.

The overall experience of Google Calendar on the web isn’t drastically different, but the new features combined with the redesign should make it a popular destination, especially for business users.

The redesigned Google Calendar for the web is currently rolling out in stages. To switch over, Google says to click “Use new Calendar” in the upper righthand corner of the main Calendar view.

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