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Get four geeky goodies delivered to your door

  • July 03, 2017

Any true lover of receiving gifts and goodies will tell you that the only thing better than getting new stuff is getting surprised with new stuff. And that’s exactly what this Loot Crate Mystery Bundle will give you: four geeky mystery items delivered directly to your door. A monthly subscription is just $12 for a limited time. 

Going to your mailbox just got more exciting. This monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers is always packed with cool stuff from your favorite titles, and it’s professionally curated to be only the freshest, most relevant stuff for today. Best of all, each box is valued at approximately $70, making this exclusive mystery deal an absolute steal. 

Treat your inner geek and get outfitted with the best geek and gamer gear around with the Loot Crate Mystery Bundle for only $12 for a limited time. 

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