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Famous Banff-area grizzly killed by hunter in B.C.

  • September 28, 2017

An mostly troublesome, collared womanlike grizzly — famous for her run-ins with people in Alberta’s Bow Valley — has been killed by a hunter in B.C. reduction than dual months after being relocated.

Stephen Legault, with a Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y), says Bear 148 was shot final weekend by a hunter who was being guided on a hunt on defenceless lands outward of Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park.

The six-year-old bruin was relocated twice this summer after displaying assertive poise nearby Canmore.

“Despite a best efforts of a really dedicated organisation of folks from Parks Canada and from Alberta Environment operative with her around a clock, she only could not equivocate being in hit with humans,” Legault said.

In early July, Alberta Fish and Wildlife first trapped and changed a bear to a western corner of her home operation in Kootenay National Park after it charged a chairman walking with a hiker and a dog west of Canmore.

The grizzly returned a few days after and was speckled during a Sunshine turnoff area in Banff National Park.

Bear closures

This print of Bear 148 was taken during a Fenland Trail day use area in Banff National Park in 2014. The grizzly was relocated to Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park in B.C. reduction than dual months before it was killed by a hunter. (Alex Taylor/Parks Canada)

Later in a month, Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers tranquillized a vast animal and relocated her by helicopter to Kakwa park, north of Jasper.

According to Legault, a bear spent about a month in a really tiny area within a park, though eventually wandered into defenceless land in B.C., where it was shot.

B.C. prize sport anathema entrance soon

In August, B.C.’s NDP supervision put an finish to a province’s argumentative bear prize hunt. The anathema will go into outcome during a finish of November.

“Had Bear 148 done it into a basement this year, she would have woken adult to a really opposite regulatory regime,” Legault said.

Legault pronounced a bear’s genocide is an hapless detriment for a grizzly bear population as a immature womanlike of tact age could presumably have constructed a dozen or some-more cubs over a march of her life.

“Moving her out of a Banff Bow Valley was bad enough,” he said. 

“Now she’s passed and that means all of that genetic farrago that she represents, all of a several cubs that she would have mothered are no longer partial of a liberation routine for grizzly bears in Alberta.”

Keeping Albertans protected a ‘top priority’

In a statement, Alberta Environment pronounced gripping Albertans protected and out of harm’s approach is their tip priority.

“Environment and Parks staff members worked tough to yield a best possibility of this bear’s presence given a history,” a matter read, adding Bear 148 was relocated after a several near-misses with humans.

“We will continue a work to forestall such conflicts from occurring — these actions will assistance revoke a need for relocation of bears.”

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