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Elon Musk’s next project will involve building a Hyperloop

  • August 05, 2017

It would seem Elon Musk is bored following the launch of Tesla’s Model 3. So, to fill his already-packed schedule, the serial entrepreneur will reportedly build a Hyperloop designed to shuttle passengers between New York and Washington, D.C. in under 30 minutes.

The news is notable because Musk previously indicated he had no time to build a Hyperloop, which he first unveiled a white paper for in 2013.

“I don’t have any plan to execute because I must remain focused on SpaceX and Tesla,” Musk previously said.

That tune has changed, however, and a new report from Bloomberg claims he’s now committed to building an entire Hyperloop system. Interestingly, SpaceX owns the Hyperloop trademark, which could see Musk prevent other companies from using the name.

In a statement to Bloomberg (via the Boring Company, another Musk venture), it says those involved with Musk’s plans want to bring Hyperloop technology to market as quickly as possible.

While we’re encouraged that others are making some progress, we would like to accelerate the development of this technology as fast as possible. We encourage and support all companies that wish to build Hyperloops and we don’t intend to stop them from using the Hyperloop name as long as they are truthful.

Despite the pledge to support companies using the Hyperloop name, Musk has reportedly become frustrated by situations in which he’s been associated with startups he’s not involved with, Bloomberg said.

Between SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and SolarCity, Musk has enough projects on his plate. But it sounds like delivering the Model 3 wasn’t enough of an accomplishment. Next up is building a Hyperloop down the U.S.’ East coast.

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