Don’t expect Resident Evil 7 on the Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil 7 (3)

Resident Evil 7, at least based on early reviews, is a chunk of good news for franchise fans. Word has it that it’s a great experience. That’s huge.

What’s not so huge is the word from Capcom regarding Resident Evil‘s future with Nintendo. More specifically, we have news that Resident Evil 7 isn’t being made for the Nintendo Switch. At least not yet, anyways.

Speaking with Express UK, Capcom Producer Masachika Kawata noted that the Switch is “a very unique piece of hardware.” He went on to say that Resident Evil isn’t being developed for it.

“I’m looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch.”

This puts a dent in Nintendo’s third-party support

Time to prep the gallows for the Nintendo Switch? Not quite. Still, with the launch of a really good video game always comes questions regarding whether or not it’ll release on such-and-such platform. That’s no different for the Nintendo Switch and Resident Evil 7.

It’s a bummer that Nintendo’s seemingly swelling third-party support couldn’t attract Capcom for RE7, but maybe this comes down to extenuating circumstances. We’ll let you know if things change. For now, you can play Resident Evil 7 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

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