Check out these 10 Justice League-inspired comic book covers

Justice League is hitting theaters in just over a month. We’re not really sure what to expect from the movie, but we’re hoping for the best. In anticipation of the movie, Warner Bros. and DC are kicking off the marketing for the movie to high gear with the release of 10 new comic book covers that look cartoonishly awesome.

The 10 covers were released through few exclusive sites, including DC, Nerdist, The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly. Each comic book cover shows off the Justice League heroes in action in either portrait-style covers or group action shots that shows the complete array of heroes.

Warner Bros. enlisted some of the biggest comic artists to come up with unique versions of the characters and they did a fantastic job. The special edition covers will be released throughout November, which also happens to be the month Justice League hits theaters.

Among the comic book covers being released is Action Comics #991 by Yanick Paquette (on sale Nov. 8), Aquaman #30 by Liam Sharp (Nov. 15), Batman #34 by Tony S. Daniel (Nov. 1), Cyborg #18 by Dustin Nguyen (Nov. 1), Detective Comics #998 by Cully Hamner (Nov. 8), The Flash #34 by Mike McKone (Nov. 8), Justice League #32 by Howard Porter (Nov. 1), Superman #35 by Renato Guedes (Nov. 15), Trinity #15 by Ben Oliver (Nov. 15), and Wonder Woman #34 by Terry Dodson (Nov. 22).

Some of the covers give strong nods to Superman with his signal hanging in the background with Ben Oliver’s take has a silhouette of him in the back.

Our favorite so far has to be The Flash #34 by Mike McKone. It shows off the entire cast of the Justice League with Barry Allen and his new suit front and center.

That’s just our opinion though, you can pick a favorite you like best. Check out the gallery containing all the comic book covers up above.

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