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Captain America: 10 Times Steve Rogers Proved He’s the MCU’s Most Heroic Avenger

  • October 21, 2018

Becoming a hero

Before Steve Rogers looked the part of Captain America, he was just a scrappy kid from Brooklyn. But thanks to his can-do attitude and drive to do the right thing, he was picked for a super soldier initiative.

As the experiment gets underway, it looks as though Rogers’ frail physique is going to succumb to the treatment’s demands. But Rogers refuses to give up, and once the experiment is over, he comes out looking taller and more muscular.

Any doofus with half a brain could’ve underwent the procedure. But it was Rogers’ heroic personality that made him Captain America, even before becoming a super soldier.

The grenade

Even though he was scrawny and physically inferior to other super soldier candidates, Steve Rogers possessed something the others lacked: heart.

During a routine drill during training camp, Colonel Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) throws a dummy grenade into a crowd. While everyone runs away in fear, Rogers jumps onto the grenade in an attempt to protect those around him.

It was a brave and selfless act, one that once and for all proved that Rogers was destined for greatness.

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