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Bring your art into the next dimension with these 3D pens

  • July 07, 2020

3D Pen

3D pens have a myriad of uses and can create amazing looking 3d artwork very easily. I use mine to weld 3D printed parts together, and my son uses the same pen to make 3D models of his favorite videogame characters. Whatever reason you have to have a 3D pen, we have the right one for you here.

  • Best overall: 3Doodler Create+
  • Runner up: MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen
  • Little robots: 3Doodler HEXBUG Creature 3D Pen Set
  • For the kids: MYNT3D Junior 3D Pen
  • Make art simple: Silicone printig mat

Best overall

3Doodler Create+

Staff Pick

This is not only the staff pick but the 3D pen I use on all my projects. The Create+ from 3Doodler has a dual drive system that offers extreme precision and reduces clogs and under extrusion. Even though the Create+ comes with proprietary filament, you can use standard PLA, ABS, and flexible filaments. I like to use the same PLA as I have in my 3D printer to join parts. Because the material is identical, it looks impressive when finished.

$80 at Amazon

Runner up

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

The MYNT3D comes in a very close second to the 3Doodler and is mainly only the runner up because it occasionally clogged when using it. It still has a great choice of filaments, and an OLED screen allows you to fine-tune the printing temperature. This is important when you are printing with ABS, as it can fail very quickly if it is too hot or too cold.

$60 at Amazon

Little robots

3Doodler HEXBUG Creature 3D Pen Set

This fun little back comes equipped with the 3Doodler starter pen as well as a set of molds and rumble bodies for making hexbug robots. The pen itself uses a special blend of plastics that melts at an extremely low temperature. This means it is safe for younger children and helps them learn how to use the pen in a secure environment. My 12 year old loved making these little hexbugs, especially as he beat mine in a battle to the death.

$48 at Amazon

For the kids

MYNT3D Junior 3D Pen

The MYNT3D Junior pen uses PCL filament that melts at a cool 88 degrees Fahrenheit, making it very safe to use. The large size makes gripping it easy for younger children, and it makes an excellent gift for ages eight and up. A word of caution, though; the nozzle is all one piece, which makes unclogging it a little tricky.

$40 at Amazon

Make art simple

Silicone printig mat

While you can, in theory, use a 3D pe on any surface, the heat from the pe may damage surfaces that are not prepared. The plastic can also stick quite firmly to wood and other porous materials. I would recommend a silicone mat as the plastic does not adhere to them. Once the print is cold, it will peel off with no effort. This mat is particularly useful as it has different sized circles and squares on that will help you measure your design correctly.

$13 at Amazon

Elevate your art

3D pens are a fun way to make art through a different medium than ever before. Whether you are using them for yourself or buying them as a gift, 3D pens are a delight. I own the 3Doodler Create+ I would recommend it to anyone who wants to use a variety of materials.

Once you have bought the 3Doodler, you should pick up one of the silicone mats. I use mine to layout the framework for the art I’m making; then, once it’s finished, it can be peeled off with no fuss and no mess. These sorts of tools make your life easier, and at such low prices, it just makes sense to own them.

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