Best iPhone X portable chargers

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro (10,000mAh)

  • Price: $30, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black

Its products aren’t available everywhere, but Xiaomi does sell the Mi Power Bank Pro in North America. It’s a 10,000mAh portable battery that includes the qualities you need from an accessory like this. Xiaomi uses a double-anodized aluminum exterior to protect the high-density battery inside despite the entire body measuring just 0.49 inches thick.

Each time the portable charger is at full capacity, you should be able to charge your iPhone X a smidge under four times.

The USB-C port shouldn’t deter you. That’s only to charge the accessory itself. When you want to power your iPhone X, just grab whatever cable you have on-hand with a Lightning connector. The Mi Power Bank Pro’s output is a regular USB port.

Xiaomi also put the Mi Power Bank Pro through a significant number of tests. The company worked to implement nine layers of “world-class circuit chip protection” involving temperature and overvoltage. You paid a lot of money for the iPhone X, so don’t leave it vulnerable to damage by going with an unreliable brand and accessory. The Mi Power Bank Pro is strong, and it’s not too expensive.

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