Apple will begin making its own iPhone power management chips

Apple is no stranger to making its own processing chips. The processors found inside the iPhone are designed and made by Apple. But the Cupertino company is expanding its list of responsibilities for future iPhone internals, as it is looking into making its own power management chips.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is planning on ditching its current power management chip supplier Dialog Semiconductor next year as it transitions to making its own power management chips full time.

“Based on Apple’s current plan, they are set to replace around half of its power management chips to go into iPhones by itself, starting next year,” relayed an anonymous source. Another person close to the situation said the chips may not be ready until 2019.

The main responsibility of power management chips is to handle energy consumption and battery life. These new chips Apple is working will reportedly improve battery life and provide better power monitoring compared to what is offered by any of its Android competitors. Apple will still rely on Taiwan Semiconductor to manufacture the chips.

Apple is continuing its trend of eliminating component partners as its focuses on making more internals for the iPhone.

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