Apple is looking into making its own MacBook ARM chips

Apple makes the chips inside the iPhone and they offer impressive performance. The A11 Bionic’s performance is up to par with what you’d find in a MacBook. So it comes as no surprise that Apple is interested in developing its own chips for the MacBook.

A new report from Nikkei states Apple is looking to “better compete” in artificial intelligence and reduce dependence on major suppliers like Qualcomm and Intel. Some of the components Apple is interested in making are modem chips, a chip that integrates touch, fingerprint and display driver functionality and computer chips.

With Apple making its own iPhone chips, it was only matter of time before it looked into making its own MacBook chips. This would reduce its reliance on Intel as well as streamline its path to innovation. Apple “wants to control next-generation display technology and some related key components.” Making its own chips would allow it to.

To make the chips, Apple would base the design off ARM Holding’s technology. ARM Holding designs the ARM architecture and licenses to other companies. Windows has previously used ARM chips for its Windows RT computers.

Apple has also reportedly invested into research and development of modem chips for the iPhone. Right now, it uses Qualcomm’s modem chips, but it is embroiled in a legal battle with the company. Apple poached one of Qualcomm’s lead chip engineers earlier this year that points towards it developing its own modem chip down the road.

If Apple does go through with the development of its own ARM chips for MacBooks, that won’t reach customers for at least a couple of years, if not more.

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