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Amazon’s Echo Show could face pressure from Google

  • September 29, 2017

Google and Amazon are battling for space in your home. Both companies have devices for digital assistants and streaming entertainment. Their battle, however, is just getting started. The two are going to offer more of the same products as we head into 2018. It started with Google Home and the Echo, but now it’s expanding to different types of a smart home-related products.

Amazon made the first move. Google will soon respond. After Amazon announced a number of new Alexa-powered devices this week, a report has come out saying Google is developing a device that will compete against the Echo Show. The company, according to TechCrunch, plans to release the device known internally as Manhattan next year but a 2017 release hasn’t been ruled out.

The launch and release date for the Manhattan are pending on partnerships Google can sign with brands in home automation.

When the Manhattan does make its debut, it should resemble Amazon’s Echo Show. Multiple sources say the device has a similar size to the Echo Show and its 7-inch display. Google previously expressed interest in tailoring the same experience for televisions, but the success of Amazon’s device has changed the company’s strategy. If Google doesn’t release the Manhattan soon, Amazon could run away with market share as it did with the Echo.

Google’s Manhattan will offer access to Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Photos, and other apps. The device is said to be based on a custom version of Android that’ll allow developers to easily bring apps over. While not confirmed yet, Google is apparently very interested in getting Netflix on the Manhattan.

We’re nearing Google’s October 4 event in San Francisco, and that’ll be the company’s last opportunity this year to announce new hardware. It already plans on introducing a smaller Google Home model, and there’s a possibility a high-end model also comes to battle Sonos’ Play:3 and Apple’s HomePod. These days there’s no denying Google is serious about hardware.

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