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A faster, more reliable YouTube Live is here

  • September 05, 2017

Improvements for YouTube Live have arrived, and one of the additions will make the live-streaming service a more viable competitor against Amazon’s Twitch. Google is sending out a massive update to reduce latency, protect users from harsh comments, and encourage screen-sharing with iOS devices.

Gamers no longer have to deal with a noticeable delay between reality and a live-stream. Moving forward, they can enable ultra low-latency to bring the difference between the two down to a couple seconds. Live-stream hosts don’t have to do anything outside of switching the latency settings from normal or low to ultra-low.

Smart, respectful comments are also vital for a successful live-stream. Unfortunately, people can be a little nasty regardless of the service used. The update to YouTube Live adds inline moderation, auto-moderation to hide questionable comments, and shared hidden user lists.

You can make sure your viewers feel comfortable watching a live-stream with hundreds, thousands, or millions of others.

Google is paying attention to Apple’s devices, too. Anyone with an iOS device and the YouTube app can start streaming live directly from other apps. These mobile-based live-streams can have the phone’s microphone and front-facing camera activated for commentary, adding personality to what’s on the screen. YouTube Live is taking advantage of Apple’s ReplayKit to achieve this integration.

The new features for YouTube Live are rolling out on web and mobile today.

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