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6 Sales mapping software tools perfect for any business

  • October 01, 2017

4. GeoMetrx

Using a sales map effectively involves depending on science to make your sales team more productive. GeoMetrx can plot any location within Google Maps, giving you ample resources to confidently view your territories in ways that make the most business sense. Improve your strategies and stop using textual data on spreadsheets to make sales-related decisions. GeoMetrx also makes it possible to add demographic details for richer results.

5. MapInfo Pro

This tool integrates with the most common PC data formats, plus databases you may already be using. A straightforward, ribbon-based navigation system combines with rollover displays and dropdown menus, reducing common challenges as you build and edit maps. Based on a catalog of over 300 datasets, MapInfo Pro allows you to alter how each dataset appears, tailoring them to your company’s needs.

6. AlignStar

Rely on AlignStar to take some of the guesswork out of how to conquer your sales territory-related shortcomings. The software’s Territory Expert feature offers analytical ideas for improving results in targeted areas. Also, automate your territory-planning process and finish it in a couple of days rather than weeks.

Import multiple data sources related to call data, historical sales data, market potential and more. Then, turn those statistics into easy-to-understand visual representations that re-energize your sales efforts.

Thanks to these feature-packed tools, you can swiftly begin witnessing sales mapping software at work.

After applying it to your business operations, you’ll feel more equipped while evaluating compiled materials and making educated decisions about how to boost outcomes.

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