6 Audiobook site alternatives to Audible

4. Hachette Audio

This company is a multiple Grammy Award winner for its audio productions, so you can rest assured of high-quality content. Moreover, the company handily provides some Soundcloud excerpts, allowing you to hear samples of some titles before purchasing.

Furthermore, you can download audiobooks directly from the site without subscribing to anything. That’s convenient if you prefer content without commitment. This company provides some titles in an audiobook CD format too, which could be helpful if your device doesn’t have much space to accommodate a long title.

5. LibriVox

If an audiobook you want is in the public domain, it may be available for free on LibriVox. It’s a site where people around the world volunteer to read audiobooks anyone can download. That system means the content may vary in quality, but if cost is a concern, LibriVox is worth exploring. It also has numerous titles in languages other than English.

6. Apple Audiobooks

Did you know you can buy audiobooks directly from the iTunes store? That means you don’t even have to download anything separately if you use iTunes already or own an Apple device.

Once you launch the iTunes store, use the drop-down list at the top to select audiobooks. Then, you can browse for your title. The selection even includes books that are $14.99 or less, which is appealing if you’re on a budget.

Apple does not require subscribing to anything to get your audiobooks, but you do need an iTunes account. Since your titles get stored in the cloud, you can access them across multiple authorized devices, too.

The options abound for audiobooks

Maybe you’re already an Audible subscriber and want something that lets you read more titles without having to pay so much. Or, perhaps you know Audible doesn’t fit your budget, but you’re still interested in enjoying audiobooks.

In any case, this list gives you a fabulous starting point for discovering some of the many other possibilities.

Article source: https://www.technobuffalo.com/2018/10/28/6-audiobook-site-alternatives-to-audible/