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5 Celebs Who’ve Nailed the Cottagecore Aesthetic on Social Media

  • July 10, 2020

Cottagecore is taking over Instagram! If you’re new to the aesthetic, let Us introduce you to the trend, loved by celebs like David Beckham, Kaia Gerber and Millie Bobby Brown.

In short, the aesthetic is a romanticized interpretation of farm life. On Instagram, that usually translates into social media users trading flashy ensembles for prairie dresses and luxe accessories for gardening equipment or sunhats.

It appears as though the hype surrounding cottagecore’s increased ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Many social media users have had to get creative to capture Instagram content, leading them to flower fields and picturesque rolling fields (see: Gerber).

Interestingly, one of the biggest fans of the trend is Beckham. The professional soccer player has posted several photos on Instagram wearing cardigans in the countryside. He poses with a walking stick in every photo and completes his look with a charming flat cap.

The athlete hasn’t formally acknowledged the fact that he’s a cottagecore expert, but fans have! One follower took to Twitter to say, “I’m not into #cottagecore, but pics of David Beckham out for a stroll like an English country gentleman has me wanting to pack up for the land of my ancestors to live in a house of splendid isolation.”

Halsey, on the other hand, knows she’s into the aesthetic and isn’t afraid to admit it, calling herself a “cottagecore queer” on Twitter.

The “Without Me” singer even called herself out on Instagram for posting a selfie in a prairie dress. “Hello yes I would like to buy a cottage. (I never have a manicure this is not a pandemic thing..) 🍄,” she wrote. A fan replied, “The cottagecore vibes are immaculate miss Halsey. How is your garden doing?”

Keeping scrolling to see how these celebs and more are embracing the cottagecore trend!

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