Take your shot with the best first-person shooters on Nintendo Switch

Whoever was in charge of this research facility on Mars should be fired. That is if they haven’t been ripped apart by the demons they released from hell in their search for new energy sources. With monsters overrunning the planet, you’ll have to shoot, chainsaw, and rip your way through demons to survive. With access to shotguns, pistols, and a chainsaw, this is a game that revels in its violence.

Running and gunning is the only real way to survive everything Mars is throwing at you. You’ll need to shoot your way through the waves of demons chasing you. This is a task that becomes a whole lot more difficult once you realize you’ll never have enough ammo to do it. To survive, you’ll need to snag boosts, ammo, and health packs as you run and gun. One of the few flaws of gameplay is the mechanic that keeps you in a room until you’ve managed to kill every demon inside of it.

Overall, Doom delivers a stellar experience that any fan of first-person shooters will love. You have access to great shooting mechanics, immersive graphics, and a fantastic campaign. While there are a few frustrating aspects of gameplay, it’s quickly overshadowed by gameplay that is fun and fast-paced. Altogether it delivers the absolute best experience on Nintendo Switch.

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