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Stunning moment meteor lights up skies over Missouri caught on VIDEO

The meteor traversed overhead on Monday night, catching the eyes of those who were still awake in and around St. Louis, Missouri. It emanated from the Northern Taurid meteor shower, which is known for brighter-than-usual fireballs.

Some rushed to report the lucky sighting on Twitter, with one user posting footage of the meteor going over the city’s iconic Gateway Arch.

More videos of the fireball flying overhead soon peppered Twitter.

The flying object was also picked up on home surveillance cameras.

“The Taurids are rich in fireballs, so if you see a Taurid it can be very brilliant and it’ll knock your eyes out, but their rates absolutely suck,” NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke commented on “It’s simply the fact that when a Taurid appears it’s usually big and bright.”

Not everyone was chilled out about the meteor travelling so close to Earth. Although most meteors burn up in the atmosphere before hitting the planet’s surface, some still wondered if it was likely that the object could have made ground impact.

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