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In Montana, the Art of Crafting Fly-Fishing Rods

  • September 21, 2020

And, if, in this sport of fly fishing, the hope for a larger-than-life experience springs eternal, then heightened emotion — as epitomized by Paul Maclean’s oversize trout in “A River Runs Through It” — is part of the allure.

Other facets of the allure include patience, nostalgia, passion, connection, perseverance, resilience, gratitude and grace. Perhaps all of these are at the heart of spigot ferrules, casting accuracy and, yes, the rods.

“For me, a little fish can be as meaningful as a big fish,” Mr. Doub says. “It’s the feeling of forgetting how long you have been standing in one place or how long you’ve been casting — you lose your sense of time, your schedule, what you have to do next.”

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