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Gerrit Cole Gets the Best of Josh Donaldson

  • June 10, 2021

The tense matchup between pitcher and batter came four days after Donaldson wondered aloud to reporters if it was a coincidence that Cole’s spin rates fell off after four minor leaguers received 10-game suspensions for the illegal use of sticky substances on baseballs. (Cole attributed his poor performance to poor mechanics.)

Donaldson said Wednesday he didn’t regret speaking out, adding he didn’t believe Cole was the only offender.

“He was the first guy who pitched since the suspensions happened, and he’s the first guy who you could see spin rates going down,” Donaldson said. “There have been 12 guys whose spin rates have dropped in the last week. So it’s not just Gerrit Cole.”

Increased spin changes the plane and movement of pitches, making them more difficult to hit. Throughout baseball history, pitchers have used various substances to better grip the baseball, an illegal but often overlooked process. There is a growing belief that the recent dominance of pitchers can be partially attributed to widespread use of substances like Spider Tack, a tacky paste that can allow pitchers to dramatically increase their spin rate.

Cole’s spin rates rose significantly from 2017 to 2019, when he won a career-high 20 games with the Houston Astros. In an awkward news conference Tuesday, Cole wouldn’t answer whether he had ever used Spider Tack.

“I hesitated on the specificity of the question because I don’t think this is the forum to discuss those kinds of things,” Cole said on Wednesday. “There’s an appropriate time for players to discuss those things. I’ll keep it to that forum.”

On Wednesday night, Cole’s fastball averaged 98.2 m.p.h., just above his season average. He would not admit to any additional satisfaction in striking out Donaldson twice. Cole’s 113 strikeouts this season are the most through 13 starts in club history, bettering Al Downing’s 104 in 1963.

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