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Valderrama: To be a best, we have to adore football

  • August 16, 2017

  • El Pibe expects Ronaldo and Messi will once again be in a brew
  • “To be a best, we have to review a diversion good and, above all, adore football”
  • Among his associate Colombians, he says James “has a peculiarity to be a destiny contender”

The male famous as El Pibe (The Kid) became a domicile name in Colombian and South American football in a 80s and 90s interjection to his free artistic play. In conversation, he is equally fluent, display a same pointing with his difference that he did with his flitting and assists behind in his heyday.

“What does it take to turn a best in a world? Quality, and a ability to review and play a diversion unusually well,” Valderrama told “Above all, though, to turn a best we unequivocally need to adore football. If we have all that, afterwards we have a intensity to turn The Best,” he added.

Now 55 and an active member of a FIFA Legends team, El Pibe was happy to exhibit some of a possibilities he thinks will be battling for a men’s endowment in London come 23 October. “Apart from Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who’ve deservedly been competing for a endowment for a past decade, there’s someone else able of severe for it,” he told us.

And who is that? “Neymar, of course. He has everything. He’s got a diversion and plays so well… he could be right adult there. As for Colombians, a many learned is James (Rodriguez). He has a peculiarity to be a destiny contender.” 

Did we know?

  • Valderrama competed during 3 FIFA World Cupsâ„¢: Italy 1990, USA 1994 and France 1998
  • He played 111 times for Colombia and scored 11 goals
  • He stays his country’s many capped player

The Best FIFA Men’s Player Award 2017 will be motionless by a users of, comparison media representatives, and a captains and conduct coaches of all FIFA dependent inhabitant teams.



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