#UWCL final 16: how a ties stand

The UEFA Women’s Champions League quarter-final choice will be set on Wednesday and Thursday when a turn of 16 ties are completed.

Second legs:

Wednesday 31 October
Brøndby v LSK Kvinner (first leg: 1-1)
Lyon v Ajax (first leg: 4-0)
Bayern München v FC Zürich (first leg: 2-0)
Fiorentina v Chelsea (first leg: 0-1)
Paris Saint-Germain v Linköping (first leg: 2-0)
Atlético Madrid v Wolfsburg (first leg: 0-4)

Thursday 1 November
Slavia Praha v Rosengård (first leg: 3-2)
Glasgow City v Barcelona (first leg: 0-5)

First legs:

Wednesday 17 October
LSK Kvinner 1-1 Brøndby
FC Zürich 0-2 Bayern München
Wolfsburg 4-0 Atlético Madrid
Ajax 0-4 Lyon
Barcelona 5-0 Glasgow City
Linköping 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain
Chelsea 1-0 Fiorentina

Thursday 18 October
Rosengård 2-3 Slavia Praha

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  • Wang Shuang of Paris became a initial Chinese actor to measure in this competition.
  • Lyon’s Ada Hegerberg is usually a seventh actor to strech 40 European women’s bar goals, and has finished so during a age of 23.
  • Lyon continue bid for fourth true pretension opposite usually last-16 visitor Ajax.
  • LSK also drew during home to Brøndby in final season’s turn of 32 (0-0), though trafficked to Denmark and won a second leg 3-1 away.
  • Wolfsburg’s Lara Dickenmann suffered a critical knee damage opposite Atleti, statute her out for several months.
  • Slavia are on march to revenge their 6-1 total detriment to RosengÃ¥rd during this theatre dual years ago, after a diversion where Anja Mittag increaded her competition-record total of goals to 51.
  • Wolfsburg (only past leader concerned other than Lyon) knocked out Atlético in final season’s turn of 32.
  • Glasgow are one of 3 survivors from a subordinate turn with Ajax and Slavia.

Road to Budapest
Quarter-final semi-final draw: 9 November
Quarter-finals: 20/21 27/28 March
Semi-finals: 20/21 27/28 April
Final: 18 May 2019, Ferencváros Stadium, Budapest

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