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The Final Draw: Just dual weeks to go!

  • November 24, 2018
  • The countdown to France 2019 has begun
  • Final Draw takes place in dual weeks, on 8 Dec 2018
  • Tickets available HERE

We told we to save a date a integrate of weeks ago, when a countdown to a large eventuality reached a one-month-to-go mark. The time has kept on ticking given then, that means it is time for another small sign that a Final Draw for a FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ is scarcely on us, with only dual weeks remaining.

Two some-more teams have combined their names to a list of qualifiers given a final reminder. Argentina won a intercontinental play-off between a third-placed group from CONMEBOL and a fourth-placed CONCACAF side, while the Netherlands emerged winning from a European play-offs, that featured semi-finals and a final, all played over dual legs.

There are now only 4 places to be filled to finish a 24-team choice for a tournament, that takes place subsequent Jun and July. Three of them will go to African member and a fourth to a winners of a Oceania subordinate competition, during that indicate things will start to get really serious, indeed.

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