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The FIFA eClub World Cup is back!

  • November 24, 2018

In Brief:

The FIFA eClub World Cupâ„¢ is a central eFootball group foe hosted by FIFA.

Who’s authorised to compete:

All eSports bar and organisations with dedicated FIFA players are invited to register their group and their players on eFOOTBALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The group will be authorised to contest in a online gift after a registration is authorized by FIFA.


  • Online qualification: 7 – 11 Jan 2019
  • FIFA eClub World Cup: 9 – 10 Feb 2019


After successfully competing in a informal online subordinate matches, 15 competent teams will join a fortifying champions Brøndby IF during a FIFA eClub World Cup 2019. Each group will contest with dual players – one on Xbox and one on PlayStation.


  • Total esteem pool of 100,000 USD
  • 1,500 Global Series Points for any of a winning players

Are we partial of an existent eFootball bar or organization and wish to compete?

Please find some-more information on how to contest below.

The gift routine starts with a central registration of your group and players on eFOOTBALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, FIFA’s central actor registration platform. Once purebred and accurate by FIFA, we will accept your group login to register your players. The group has a right to commission dual out of all purebred players. The registration on eFOOTBALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a subsequent adaption from genuine universe football and another step to expostulate a professionalization of eFootball.

Only teams and players who have purebred during eFOOTBALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM are authorised to contest it a FIFA eClub World Cup online qualification.

How to request for a FeCWC?

  1. Send your group sum with an central group registration form to FIFA
  2. FIFA reviews your focus and on certain feedback, FIFA will register your group on eFOOTBALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
  3. Login sum for actor registration will be common with teams
  4. Teams to register sealed players with central support (i.a. actor contract)
  5. Teams to accept invitation to online qualification

Please contention your focus before 12:00 CET on 10 Dec 2018 to be deliberate for a gift routine of a FIFA eClub World Cup 2019, by promulgation a central group registration support to

*What’s during stake?

At a FIFA eClub World Cup, 16 participating teams will contest for a esteem pool of 100,000 USD and EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series Points (1500 for any of a winning players) on a competition to a FIFA eWorld Cup in summer 2019. The FIFA eClub World Cup will take place on 9 and 10 February. The plcae will be announced shortly.

Two players per bar or organisation

Each eFootball group contingency commission dual players to paint a bar or organization for a full generation of a online gift process, that will take place from 7 to 11 Jan 2019, and a live contest phase, with one actor on Xbox One and one on PlayStation 4. Teams might not change players around gift or during a live contest phase.

Online gift details

After receiving group applications, FIFA will determine a applications and order them into opposite geographical regions, with a allocation of informal positions dynamic formed on a volume of authorised teams. Both a Xbox and PlayStation players of a same group will play opposite a particular Xbox and PlayStation players of a hostile group in a 1v1 format, with a winning group dynamic formed on a total measure of a dual particular games. Matches are always played in a group format with dual particular games: Xbox actor vs Xbox player, PlayStation actor vs PlayStation player, scores count as aggregate. All match-ups will be played in a FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Friendly Season mode.

Online gift timeline

Exact compare timings will be common in allege before a gift window opens on 7 Jan 2019. Teams will accept acknowledgment if their focus has been successfully submitted by 13 Dec and will be compulsory to endorse their agreement to a full contest TCs by 11:59 CET Friday 04th January.

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