Russia into semis, Argentina in trouble

Did we know?

  • Ilia Fedorov is Russia’s tip goalscorer, carrying found a net 5 times during Buenos Aires 2018. Impressively, a clinical brazen scored in all 4 of his country’s organisation matches: twice contra Costa Rica, and once in a games opposite Brazil, Solomon Islands and Iran.
  • When Salim Al-Darraji got on a scoresheet for Iraq on Friday, it was a second time – out of a sum of 112 goals – that a goalkeeper had strike a behind of a net during a tournament.

What’s next

(13 October)Costa Rica-Iran, Group B, Main Futsal HallSolomon Islands-Brazil, Group B, CeNARD HallPanama-Argentina, Group A, Main Futsal HallEgypt-Slovakia, Group A, CeNARD Hall

Practically anything can occur in Group A, where Iraq occupy initial place (seven points, with a +7 idea difference) though have played all of their games and contingency wait to see what happens in a encounters involving Egypt (seven points, +6 idea difference) and Argentina (four points, +1 idea difference).

The Egyptians need only a indicate opposite Slovakia to bind a mark in a final four, and could even allege if they humour a defeat. In a eventuality of a detriment to a already-eliminated Europeans, a Africans’ predestine would count on how Argentina perform opposite Panama.

In sequence to keep their destiny in their possess hands, La Albiceleste need a six-goal feat over a Panamanians. A success by a smaller domain might see their fans move out their slot calculators in a stands. However, a pull or a better will automatically discharge a South Americans.

In Group B, all that stays is to establish a sequence in that semi-finalists Brazil and Russia will finish.

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