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Psychologist shares secrets to Swedish success

  • July 02, 2018
  • Daniel Ekvall is Sweden’s sports psychology advisor
  • He has been praised for his purpose in a team’s success during Russia 2018
  • Ekvall explains his purpose forward of a Swedes’ last-16 tie opposite Switzerland
By Alexandra Jonson with Sweden

Making it to a World Cup was seen as a teenager spectacle for Sweden, given that they edged out a likes of Italy and a Netherlands on a highway to Russia. However, their performances during a contest itself have eclipsed even their subordinate exploits, with a Swedes commanding Group F forward of Mexico, fortifying champions Germany and Korea Republic.

Throughout their conspicuous journey, dual categorical strengths have stood out: defensive reduction and organisation unity. Daniel Ekvall, Sweden’s sports psychology advisor, has perceived regard for his work in building a latter and, forward of a last-16 tie opposite Switzerland, he gave an discernment into what his pursuit entails. Can we explain what your purpose as a sports psycology confidant involves?
Daniel Ekvall: we am accessible for particular talks and afterwards there are organisation sessions. From what a players contend in those, we emanate a mental devise for a arriving match, that we go by on compare day. It’s mostly a picture that illustrates what a players themselves have said. we also work with Janne [Andersson, Sweden’s coach] on formulating an effective care organisation since there are a lot of people in a coaching staff. With a players we especially concentration on a subsequent action. So, if they skip a pass or a team-mate misses one, how can they make their subsequent movement as good as possible?

More than a organisation sessions and particular talks, I’ve listened we also do talks with shoes…
[Laughs] Yes, this was before a compare opposite France during home. At a start of a week Ola Toivonen had new boots and he didn’t consider his hold worked as he wanted it to. So he screamed opposite a representation that he indispensable to book a event so we could pronounce to his boots, and everybody suspicion it was funny. Then, in a compare itself, he scored from a median line in those shoes! Janne suspicion it was a fun version and told a story to a press.

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