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Predictor champ’s memorable Russia 2018 adventure 

  • October 15, 2018

“FIFA couldn’t have finished some-more for us. Everything – classification flights, removing us by a VIP check-in during a airport, a good hotel, removing us on a VIP train to a game, removing us good seats during a stadium.

“The motorist who picked us adult from a airfield – this was unequivocally kind of him – took us on a debate around Saint Petersburg, display us a Anichkov Bridge and a Four Horsemen, a canals, a fort, a iconic churches, a Lenin Monument in Ploshchad Lenina, a State Hermitage Museum, explaining things to us. We went to a State Hermitage Museum a following day, that was unequivocally interesting.”

The brightest of highlights for Geoff and Mary was, naturally, a football – and it wasn’t their initial World Cup experience.

“I was in England during a 1966 World Cup,” removed Guttmann. “I unequivocally wanted to go, though we was usually 12-years-old and didn’t get a chance.

“So when a World Cup came to USA in ’94 – we was vital in USA during a time and we’d gotten married a integrate of years before – we knew we had to go. We went to about 6 or 7 matches, including the Final. England weren’t there, so we kind of adopted Sweden as my second group – [Thomas] Brolin, [Martin] Dahlin. It was an extraordinary experience.

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