Pitana: It’s an wondrous feeling

The compare will underline dual good teams in a figure of France and Croatia. What is your opinion of them?
Hernan Maidana: They’re both large teams who have got where they are by tough work, by clever planning. They’ve warranted it, they merit it. And it’s a identical story for us. We’ve worked unequivocally tough to get where we are. Just as they’ve got their challenge, we’ve got ours. This group that we’ve built has a good opportunity. And doing a good pursuit won’t be enough; we’ve got to do an glorious job.

Is there a special tip to formulation for a World Cup Final?
Pitana: we don’t consider so. We won’t change what we’ve been doing adult until now. We’ll be unequivocally focused as always, that’s what has got us here.

Belatti: we wouldn’t contend that we have superstitions, though we do have a possess certain rituals and habits. We’ll hang to them since that’s how we are. Along a approach we’ve always had a mate, a song and jokes to assistance us to let off steam. But also a peculiar hug, a word of encouragement, a discerning peek that reminds us that we’re here for one another. That’s how we work and we’re not going to change it. We’re going to give all we’ve been giving adult until now and more, that small bit extra. But in terms of a preparations, we’ll lift on in a same vein.

We know that we unequivocally like music, as we mentioned recently. So right during this moment, what stroke are your hearts violence to?
Pitana: we like all music, we can go from reggaeton all a approach to something some-more classical. But during times like this, it’s a sum reduction of rhythms. The complacency is so good that we can’t report it. I’d contend that a reduction is so large that we’d give arise to a new character that has never been listened before (laughs).

Article source: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/pitana-it-s-an-indescribable-feeling