Magicstick91 conquers a McDonald’s Fantasy, wins a Kia Sportage

3rd to 5th

Florid coached by Sladuna (441 points)
YazanX coached by YazanYaz (434 points)
Putin In A Shift coached by Floydeth (432 points)


  • one entirely finished Panini plaque album
  • one duplicate of EA SPORTS FIFA 18 for PS4
  • one sealed captain’s armband from a compare during Russia 2018

Florid’s 6 players in a Final returned merely 15 points between them, that eventually put paid to a hopes of a co-leaders going into Round 7, though manager Sladuna done some warm decisions over a tournament. YazanX was another organisation that was always there or thereabouts, though YazanYaz will charity seizing only 39 points from a semi-finals. Putin In A Shift, meanwhile, unusually came from 131st after a organisation theatre to steam home in fifth.

Round Prizes
Round 1: Laxyk91(first), EngAliAdel2 (second), guyk600 (third)
Round 2: kia123456 (first), aznidarsic (second), TeamKoko (third)
Round 3: Cobaain (first), srbijanac99 (second), Madixq (third)
Round 4: Anel89 (first), Ashedin (second), MHiggi (third)
Round 5: Nordlicht
4 (first), djespo10 (second), kevinstohan6 (third)
Round 6: SASA542143 (first), G___O (second), Djskinz (third)
Round 7: zumazuma (first), hima_bando (second), Klghhjer_ (third)

McDonald’s and FIFA would like to contend a large appreciate we to a dual million-plus who took partial – we wish we enjoyed it as most as we did!

The Final Leaderboard

1st. Magicstick coached by Magicstick91 (446 points)

2nd. Loaibarca coached by Loai.Alrwas (444)

3rd. Florid coached by Sladuna (441)
4th. YazanX coached by YazanYaz (434)
5th. Putin In A Shift coached by Floydeth (432)

6th. Schopenhauers coached by Vonpommern (425)
7th. _ FC Lös
coached by Ludaslol (424)
8th. TrebleD coached by TrebleD (423)
9th. Allstars Anonymous coached by Jerseyman8 (422)
10th. Zirka coached by Zirka10 (420)
10th. Rufus Athletic coached by Rufussino (420)
12th. BaskayaFC coached by BASKAYAFC (419)
12th. Oxymorons coached by Uros90Nbg (419)
12th. Tselepoul coached by Telonis (419)
15th. ALE… EL PADRE DE coached by MymaLV41 (418)
16th. Hurricane XI coached by Siddub (417)
16th. _Arif AB
coached by Zureegh (417)
18th. Tom Stars coached by Daveward2014 (416)
19th. Pique Blinders coached by SBTV123 (415)
19th. FC Elkhan coached by ELKHANELKHAN (415)
19th. FC Kalonka coached by Krymic1991 (415)
Total teams entered: 2.13 million

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