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Lucuix: It’s a dream for anyone who used to play and who’s now a coach

  • October 04, 2018

Medal possibilities, experience, vigour and excitement
The high levels of fad are frequency a warn – a nation is home to a reigning universe champions, definition that Argentina’s youngsters are going to have to cope with a vigour of being in a using for a award and understanding with conditions that they have nonetheless to experience.

“They are 10 immature lads in a absolved mark – they are personification for their country, in their country, with their friends out in a stands entertaining them on during what is a universe initial for Olympic futsal… It’s going to be tough,” Lucuix adds.

“You can see it in their faces when they sight and when they take partial in competitions. You can tell that players will be some-more influenced by a pressure, that ones reduction so. We’re perplexing to speak to them, conduct them, know them and assistance them to suffer themselves. We don’t wish them to pulp underneath a goals that we are aiming for by a work. That’s all we can ask for.”

Lucuix is assured that that work, that began with this era of players dual years ago, behind when he was partner manager to Diego Giustozzi (who led Argentina to a universe pretension in Colombia in 2016) will renovate this plea into a springboard.

“We’ve played in a lot of tournaments, played a lot of matches, trafficked a lot. The guys have played opposite kids their possess age or older, in Europe, South America. We’ve attempted to safeguard that they get a small bit of experience, so that they don’t unexpected find themselves pulling on an Argentina shirt for a initial time. There are lads who’ve already played 15 or 20 matches for their nation – some full internationals don’t have that many caps to their names. We’re awaiting them to shrug off a vigour and play for themselves as opposite to opposite themselves.”

Meanwhile, a manager already knows whom he expects a toughest opponents to be.

“Brazil, Russia and Iran are really clever teams, who will be entrance here with a expectancy of a bullion medal,” he says. And even yet his categorical wish from a tellurian indicate of perspective is that “we get to see some sparkling matches”, he is already looking brazen to 18 Oct when a bullion award compare will be played.

“Let’s wish we get by to a final that a boys are all so looking brazen to,” he says, “for a consequence and for competition in ubiquitous in Argentina”.

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