Lithuania to horde 2020 Futsal World Cup

Lithuania has been comparison to horde a 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup.

The preference was done by a FIFA Council during a assembly in Rwanda, with Iran, Japan and New Zealand carrying also been underneath consideration. Scheduled for 12 Sep to 4 Oct 2020, it will be a initial FIFA final contest in Lithuania, who hosted football’s 2013 UEFA European Under-19 Championship and 2018 UEFA European Women’s Under-17 Championship.

It will be a third Futsal World Cup in Europe, and a initial given 1996 in Spain. Alongside hosts Lithuania, who will take partial in their entrance FIFA or UEFA final contest for football or futsal during comparison level, Europe will supply 6 some-more of a 24 contenders (four chosen turn winners, and dual winners of play-offs involving a chosen turn runners-up).

Unlike in 2012 and 2016, there will be no UEFA Futsal EURO in 2020 as a contest is now played each 4 years with a subsequent book in 2022, stretched from 12 to 16 teams.

2020 Futsal World Cup: UEFA subordinate dates
Preliminary categorical turn draws: 12 Dec 2018
Preliminary round: 29 January–3 Feb 2019
Main round: 22–27 Oct 2019
Elite turn draw: 7 Nov 2019
Elite round: 28 January–2 Feb 2020
Play-off draw: tbc
Play-offs: 9 12 Apr 2020

Previous Futsal World Cup finals (hosts)
2016: Argentina 5-4 Russia (Colombia)
2012: Brazil 3-2 aet Spain (Thailand)
2008: Brazil 2-2, 4-3 pens Spain (Brazil)
2004: Spain 2-1 Italy (Chinese Taipei)
2000: Spain 4-3 Brazil (Guatemala)
1996: Brazil 6-4 Spain (Spain)
1992: Brazil 4-1 United States (Hong Kong)
1989: Brazil 2-1 Netherlands (Netherlands)

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