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Kazandjian and Wilkinson giving behind to Montreal’s West Island

  • November 20, 2018

Their tie doesn’t finish there and it indeed comes full circle. Kazandjian recently began coaching Wilkinson’s nephew during a summer camp. They both accost from Montreal’s West Island; Kazandjian in Kirkland and Wilkinson in beside Baie D’Urfe.

When we hear them report one another, it’s transparent Kazandjian was desirous by her associate Quebecer. “She’s unequivocally a tough workman and she never stops,” Kazandjian pronounced of Wilkinson. “When she was a player, we could always tell she was always running, going after a round and even now she works hard, so we honour that about her.”

“She’s got a work ethic that inspires those around her,” Wilkinson pronounced of Kazandjian. “When we see smaller players, we adore it when people decider them since they’ve customarily had to quarrel some-more than anyone else to win their mark and they’ve gotten clever and schooled how to use their bodies well. She does do that.”

Kazandjian is a highly-technical, suave aggressive midfielder who plays with certainty and has an eye for a pass. “She plays in a two-touch, three-touch stroke that we unequivocally appreciate; we like a round moving,” Wilkinson said.

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