Introducing: UEFA Europa League vs …

Watch as UEFA dump asocial football fans in a UEFA Europa League low finish to knowledge a many sparkling and eye-opening moments of a competition.

Do a cynics have what it takes to tarry a power and journey of all a UEFA Europa League has to offer?

Take an disdainful demeanour inside some of a many sparkling tellurian sports clubs as we accommodate with supporters, players and staff to knowledge a side to a UEFA Europa League you’ve never seen before.

UEFA Europa League v ChrisMD

A Match We Could Do Without

ChrisMD: Not a UEFA Europa League Fan. Yet.

ChrisMD: Not a UEFA Europa League Fan. Yet.©

ChrisMD is a YouTuber, Arsenal fan and outspoken UEFA Europa League cynic. Watch as we send him behind rivalry lines to Lisbon, where he will knowledge Sporting CP v Arsenal by a eyes of a internal players, staff and fans.

Building on a suggestion of competition, Chris is assimilated by Krzysztof Golonka, a freestyle football champion and UEFA Europa League supporter.

Will ChrisMD demeanour over his Arsenal passions and asocial indicate of view?

Watch a initial part to find out.


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