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Hat-trick favourite Seferovic: Switzerland’s distinguished solution?

  • November 21, 2018

What now?

Seferovic now has 5 goals in 4 matches, carrying formerly strike a prop opposite Iceland, creation him a heading scorer in Nations League A. His transport is what we would design of a world-class striker, and he has found a net some-more mostly than Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Seferovic is in a abounding capillary of form for Benfica as well, personification and scoring frequently both in a Portuguese joining and in a UEFA Champions League.

In a past, Seferovic was criticised for bad finishing; that he was incompetent to step adult when it mattered most. However, he has scored over 80 per cent of his 17 general goals in rival matches. He was even jeered by Switzerland supporters during a play-offs for Russia 2018. “It done me stronger,” he says of a occurrence now, even if it stung during a time. Perhaps Seferovic has grown into a striker Switzerland would have favourite to see ever given that jubilant U-17 World Cup in 2009. He will now have a possibility to serve underline his abilities and maybe even assistance Switzerland lift a Nations League pretension and take a long-awaited step of reaching a quarter-finals of a vital contest during UEFA EURO 2020.

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