Greece, Cyprus by from rough round

Qualifying for a initial UEFA Under-19 Futsal EURO began with January’s rough turn stuffing a final dual spots in March’s categorical round.

  • Preliminary turn results
  • Greece trill Andorra 4-3 in rough turn Group A decider
  • Cyprus win all 3 games to swell from Group B
  • Pair join 26 teams given bye to March’s categorical round
  • Seven teams will allege from categorical turn to join hosts Latvia in finals
  • Final contest during Arena Riga from 8 to 14 September

Preliminary turn final standings (22–25 January)

Group A
Winners: Greece

Group B
Winners: Cyprus

  • Two organisation winners swell to categorical round

Main turn groups (26–31 March)

Group 1: Kazakhstan, Poland, France, Finland (hosts)

Group 2: Azerbaijan, Slovenia (hosts), Netherlands, Cyprus

Group 3: Portugal, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (hosts), Moldova

Group 4: Ukraine, Romania, Belgium, FYR Macedonia (hosts)

Group 5: Spain, Hungary, Georgia (hosts), Turkey

Group 6: Russia (hosts), Czech Republic, Belarus, Greece

Group 7: Italy, Croatia (hosts), Slovakia, England

  • Seven organisation winners join hosts Latvia in a finals from 8 to 14 Sep 2019 during Arena Riga.

Finals (8–14 September)

  • In a finals, two groups of 4 will be formed, with a top dual in any move to a semi-finals.

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