Grannec still aristocrat of a console

  • Bruce Grannec is a former two-time universe champion
  • He late in 2015 to turn a gaming pennon and commentator
  • “There are other gamers who can go and do what I’ve done”

Bruce Grannec is an eSports legend, one of a few to emerge in a brief story to date. The inclusive Frenchman done his name in a FIFA Interactive World Cup, as a FIFA eWorld Cup was before known, winning a foe in 2009 and 2013 and also reaching a final in 2012.

He due that considerable coherence to his winner’s genius and his peerless ability to keep his cool, so cold in fact that he was nicknamed ‘The Machine’ during his gaming days. “I’d stay usually as ease when we scored, as when we conceded, since we wanted to play my compare and stay focused. It was also out of honour for my opponents,” he told

Grannec motionless to finish his veteran gaming career in 2015, during a age of usually 28. “I’d been competing for 10 years,” he explained. “When we started out, we was among a youngest, and by a end, we was one of a oldest. we pronounced to myself that it was time to switch to something else. My proclivity had forsaken off a bit, and with a youngsters entrance through, we usually felt that there wasn’t most point, if we wasn’t during a tip of my game.”

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