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Futsal World Cup subordinate starts Tuesday

  • January 29, 2019

Qualifying for a 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup starts on Tuesday with a rough turn involving 32 of a record European entrance of 49, aiming for 6 places alongside hosts Lithuania in a 24-team finals.

Preliminary turn groups
Group A (30 January–2 February): Latvia*, England, Cyprus, Gibraltar

Group B (30 January–2 February): Belarus*, Norway, Kosovo, Andorra

Group C (31 January–3 February): FYR Macedonia*, Albania, Greece, San Marino

Group D (30 January–2 February): Georgia*, Denmark, Germany, Israel

Group E (30 January–2 February): Belgium, Sweden*, Armenia, Malta

Group F (29 January–1 February): Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Turkey, Switzerland, Scotland

Group G (30 January–2 February): Netherlands, Montenegro, Bulgaria*, Estonia

Group H (30 January–2 February): Finland, Moldova*, Wales, Northern Ireland


  • The tip dual teams in any organisation will swell to a categorical round.
  • There are World Cup debuts for Germany, Kosovo and Scotland, and Northern Ireland, creation their crawl in any general men’s futsal competition.

Main turn pull (22–27 October)
Group 1: Spain, Poland*, Preliminary turn Group D winners, Preliminary turn Group H runners-up

Group 2: Ukraine*, Slovenia, Preliminary turn Group C winners, Preliminary turn Group B runners-up

Group 3: Azerbaijan*, Slovakia, Preliminary turn Group H winners, Preliminary turn Group G runners-up

Group 4: Italy*, Hungary, Preliminary turn Group B winners, Preliminary turn Group A runners-up

Group 5: Kazakhstan, Romania*, Preliminary turn Group G winners, Preliminary turn Group C runners-up

Group 6: Serbia, France*, Preliminary turn Group E winners, Preliminary turn Group F runners-up

Group 7: Russia, Croatia*, Preliminary turn Group F winners, Preliminary turn Group E runners-up

Group 8: Portugal*, Czech Republic, Preliminary turn Group A winners, Preliminary turn Group D runners-up


  • The tip dual teams in any organisation will swell to a chosen round.
  • Spain have competent for all 8 prior World Cups and won in 2000 and 2004.
  • Russia mislaid a 2016 final to Argentina.
  • Portugal are a reigning European champions.

Road to Lithuania: calendar
Elite turn draw: 7 Nov 2019
Elite round: 28 January–2 Feb 2020
Play-off draw: tbc, Nyon
Play-offs: 9 12 Apr 2020
Finals draw: tbc, Lithuania
Finals: 12 September–4 Oct 2020, Lithuania

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