Formiga: we wish to obey Roger Milla

Brazil fell during a penultimate and ultimate jump during USA 1999 and China 2007 respectively. Formiga is fervent to go one better.

“I’m not certain what’s been a best Seleção I’ve played in,” she said. “They were opposite squads. 2007 was a good team.

“Football has changed. There have been renovations. When there are changes, your customary drops until we can find a approach to play together.

“Vadao has been removing a Seleção there. We’ve had some good results. We’ve got some good players. Marta is still Marta. We can, but doubt, win this World Cup.

“It’s good that it will be here in France. There’s such a hum about it. The people are unequivocally happy, excited. It’s going to be a smashing tournament.

“France are one of a biggest threats to a hopes. They could unequivocally win it.

“They’ve tested out a lot of players. What a manager [Corinne Diacre] has finished unequivocally good is mix a gifted players with a youngsters. France have some of a best players in a universe – in defence, midfield and conflict – and they also have some unequivocally earnest youngsters.

“Marie-Antoinette Katoto, who we play with during PSG, is outstanding. She’s fast, skilful, scores lots of goals. She’s going to be one of a best players in a world.”

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