Five players, 5 penalties, 5 stories

Five players took a chastisement and any had a opposite experience. “We didn’t use penalties. Our manager told us to collect a dilemma and concentration on that,” pronounced Grace Wisnewski. “We wanted to be assured streamer into a shoot-out and knew that whatever happened, happened,” combined Maya Hahn.

After that, all that mattered was a goal, a mark and a 5 chastisement takers. “I told myself that we’d already achieved so most and could be unapproachable of ourselves. That calmed me down,” pronounced Wisnewski.

Hahn’s knowledge was a small different. “I was really shaken when we walked adult to take my kick,” she said, “but when we got there, that feeling subsided and we stranded to my strange devise of where we wanted to shoot. The fact that Anna had only saved Japan’s initial chastisement increased my certainty and helped me.”

Stewart also knew where she wanted a round to go – into a tip left-hand dilemma – and a 16-year-old was sad when her try missed a target. “So many thoughts went by my head,” she recalled. “I felt like I’d let my group down.”

Yet her team-mates gave her a cuddle and speedy her. “They picked me true behind adult again.”

Did we know?

New Zealand have a propitious song. The group play ‘Glorious’ by Macklemore on a continual loop, and could be listened singing it together on a representation after their feat over Japan. “It was personification on a radio after we won a qualifier final year, and we haven’t been anywhere but it ever since,” explained Maya Hahn. “It’s the anthem and it brings us luck.”

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