First 8 into #UCLFutsal chosen round

The UEFA Futsal Cup has turn a UEFA Futsal Champions League in 2018/19 and a categorical turn runs until Sunday with 8 of a 16 chosen turn places filled so far.

Main turn groups

Path A

Group 1 (ends Saturday)
Through: Barça (ESP), Benfica (POR), Halle-Gooik (BEL, hosts)

Group 2 (ends Saturday)
Through: Inter FS (ESP, holders)
Can still qualify: Ekonomac Kragujevac (SRB, hosts), EP Chrudim (CZE), MFC Kherson (UKR)

Group 3 (ends Saturday)
Through: TTG-Ugra Yugorsk (RUS), Dobovec (SVN, hosts),
Can still qualify: Sibiryak (RUS), Berettyóújfalu (HUN)*

Group 4 (ends Saturday)
Through: Kairat Almaty (KAZ)
Can still qualify: Sporting CP (POR), LSM Lida (BLR), Feniks (KOS, hosts)

*Berettyóújfalu transposed Győr 

  • Top 3 in any organisation swell to a chosen round.
  • Record five-time winners Inter are assimilated by former champions Barça, Benfica, Ugra and Kairat.
  • Sporting have finished runners-up 3 times and mislaid a final dual finals to Inter.
  • Sibiryak are creation their debut.

Path B

Group 5 (ends Saturday)
Can still qualify: AS Futsal Pescara (ITA), APOEL (CYP, hosts), Uddevalla (SWE)*

Group 6 (ends Saturday)
Can still qualify: Aktobe (KAZ), Novo Vrijeme Makarska (CRO, hosts)

Group 7 (4–7 October): Nikars Riga (LVA, hosts), Hohenstein-Ernstthal (GER)*, Record Bielsko-Biała (POL)*, Informatica Timişoara (ROU)*

Group 8 (ends Saturday)
Through: Vytis (LTU)*

*Preliminary turn winners

  • Group winners swell to a chosen round.
  • Vytis are a initial Lithuanian side to strech a chosen round.
  • AS Futsal Pescara, Aktobe, Novo Vrijeme Makarska and Lučenec ahave done their entrance in this round, with newcomers Kampuksen Dynamo, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Informatica TimiÅŸoara and TMC Tbilisi carrying come by a rough stage.

Preliminary turn organisation winners

Group A winners: Mostar SG (BIH)

Group B winners: Kampuksen Dynamo (FIN)

Group C winners: Uddevalla (SWE)

Group D winners: Hohenstein-Ernstthal (GER)

Group E winners: Valletta (MLT)

Group F winners: Vytis (LTU)

Group G winners: Record Bielsko-Biała (POL)

Group H winners: Informatica TimiÅŸoara (ROU)

Group we winners: TMC Tbilisi (GEO)

  • Group winners swell to a categorical round
  • Kampuksen Dynamo, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Informatica TimiÅŸoara and TMC Tbilisi all came by on their entrance entries

Elite turn draw: 14 October
Elite round: 13–18 November

  • Four groups of 4 will be shaped with a winners surpassing to a knockout finals, hosted by one of a qualifiers

Finals: 25 or 26 27 or 28 April

What is a format?

• The top 3 nations in a UEFA Futsal National Teams fellow rankings will have two guaranteed entries in a competition: for 2018/19 that is Spain, Portugal and Russia.

• Kazakhstan (ranked fourth) will also have a second entrant for 2018/19 as Spanish champions Inter FS will enter as holders (joined by Barça; no nation can enter 3 teams even if a holders finish outward their inhabitant tip two).

• There are preliminary, categorical and chosen rounds, played as one-venue mini-tournaments heading to a four-team finals, underneath a same format introduced for 2017/18.

• A record sum of 57 clubs have entered a new UEFA Futsal Champions League: all will be concerned in a rough and categorical rounds, that were drawn on 5 July.

Highlights: Inter kick Sporting for fifth title

Highlights: Inter kick Sporting for fifth title

What are a pivotal dates?

5 July: Preliminary categorical turn draws, Nyon
28 August–2 September: Preliminary round
2–7 October: Main round
12 October (14:00CET, streamed live): Elite turn draw, Nyon
13–18 November: Elite round
Early 2019: Finals draw
25 or 26 April: Semi-finals
27 or 28 April: Final third-place play-off

When do teams enter?

• The lowest-ranked teams in a UEFA Futsal Champions League bar fellow rankings for 2018/19 began in a rough round (depending on a series of entries, this deteriorate 34). The organisation winners (nine this season) progressed to a categorical round.

• No teams accept byes to a chosen round, and all contenders immune a rough turn will start in a categorical round.

Main round

• The categorical round, with a sum of 32 clubs, is apart into two apart paths.

• Path A will include of 16 teams including a holders. In addition, the sides ranked 1st to 11th and 16th to 19th in a UEFA Futsal Champions League bar fellow rankings (excluding a holders) will go into Path A. They are drawn into four groups of four, with the top three in any advancing to a chosen round.

• Path B will contain a other 16 teams (ranked 12th to 15th and 20th to 22nd, and a 9 rough turn qualifiers for this season). These are drawn into 4 groups of four, with a first-placed sides proceeding to a chosen round.

2017 final: Inter recover crown

2017 final: Inter recover crown

Elite round

• The 16 teams will be drawn into 4 groups, a winners of any surpassing to a knockout finals.

• There will be three seeding pots for a chosen turn draw.

• The four categorical turn Path A winners will be drawn into position one of any group.

• The Path A runners-up will be drawn into position two and will not be means to accommodate a winners of their categorical turn group.

• The other 8 clubs will afterwards be drawn to fill a remaining dual positions in any group (sides that finish third in a Path A organisation can accommodate possibly a winners or a runners-up from that section).

• There will be no nation protection.


• As before, a foe concludes with a four-team knockout final contest hosted by one of a contenders.

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