Fanboy Meunier out to rewrite history

A late attainment to football on comment of his humanities studies, Meunier is one of a game’s some-more multi-faceted characters. While his team-mates select to tell in front of a TV or mechanism screen, a Paris Saint-Germain defender prefers to spend his giveaway time drawing. “I don’t see myself as being that different,” pronounced Meunier, who was offered gangling tools for cars adult until a age of 19. “I’m a normal chairman who’s only meddlesome in some-more things.”

Describing himself as a Belgium fan “just like any other”, Meunier was understandably morose to skip out on a semi-final assembly with neighbours and aged rivals France by suspension. “It was a outrageous disappointment,” pronounced a 26-year-old, vocalization dual days after one of a biggest matches in his inhabitant team’s history. “You’re held adult in a atmosphere, we see a fans teasing any other, and we only wish to join in. we was channel my fingers for us to get an equaliser though it didn’t work.”

Meunier knows some-more about a adversary with a French than anyone, not slightest a mythological assembly between a dual during Mexico 1986, where Belgium mislaid out to *Les Bleus* in a play-off for third place. “That’s all they speak about in Belgium. The players are fed adult of it. But we’re about to write story in a whole new book,” pronounced a full-back, who commented before a foe that he was dynamic to see Belgium play 7 matches in Russia.

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