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Essien: Black Princesses will come behind stronger

  • August 15, 2018 What brings we to Brittany?
Michael Essien: we was invited and we had no perplexity in accepting. It’s a pleasure and an honour for me to be here. we came to suffer this good jubilee of women’s football and I’m gay that Ghana have been means to play a partial in it.

Do we follow women’s football?
Yes, it’s removing some-more and some-more engaging each year. we was in Miami a few days ago and we watched Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain’s matches in a Women’s International Champions Cup. The turn was glorious and it was unequivocally entertaining. we unequivocally enjoyed it.

You’re now in Brittany examination a U-20 Women’s World Cup, carrying taken partial in an U-20 universe finals yourself behind in 2001.
we have good memories of that tournament. We had a glorious run to a final, where a hosts, Argentina, kick us to a title. The knowledge will stay with me forever, though, generally as that was where we scored a one and usually World Cup idea of my career, opposite Paraguay in a opening match. we also remember a win over Kaka’s Brazil in a quarter-finals. We scored a leader in a unequivocally final minute. Matches like that stay with you.

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