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England’s Mini Messi targets France 2019

  • October 16, 2018

Kirby might be self-effacing, though she’s not bashful over her nation’s aspirations. The Lionesses reached a semi-finals during Canada 2015 and a UEFA Women’s EURO final year, though when asked if winning France 2019 is over them – England are a sixth favourites behind USA, France, Germany, Japan and a Netherlands – Kirby responded emphatically:

“No, positively not. We’ve had dual semi-finals now and we felt a harm in both of them. They were really unsatisfactory for us, so we need to make certain we’ve learnt from them and go all a approach to a Final.”

Kirby embellishes a ‘total football’ Neville is advocating – she even wears a No14 shirt for Chelsea copyright by a concept’s forefather, Johan Cruyff, despite since she idolises Thierry Henry. She’s imaginative, versatile, pointy to act, moves perceptively and synchronises melodiously with team-mates.

“We valid ourselves when we played in a SheBelieves Cup,” she said. “We’ve got a knowledge now, though we wish to make certain we go all a way.”

Can Kirby make France 2019 go down as Fran 2019?

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