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Debutants’ coaches depart

  • July 17, 2018

Gomez leaves Panama post

The initial conduct manager to take Panama to a World Cup finals, Colombian Hernan Dario Gomez, also announced he will be withdrawal his post.

Writing in a minute published by Panama’s Football Federation (FEPAFUT), Gomez said: “Now, for me, it is a time for a formidable act of relocating my feet from a place where we have put my heart. Russia 2018 was a beginning, we over my guarantee to take Panama to a initial football World Cup and that will sojourn in my heart, and those of all Panamanians, for life. Panama is on a secure trail to continue creation story in football.”

The 62-year-old took assign of Panama in Feb 2014, with a idea of holding a executive American republic to a first-ever World Cup, that he accomplished. Gomez also coached his homeland Colombia during France 1998 and Ecuador during Korea/Japan 2002.

In their entrance during a universe finals, Panama mislaid all 3 of their matches in Group G: 3-0 v Belgium, 6-1 v England and 2-1 v Tunisia.

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