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Brazil live adult to billing as medallists shine

  • October 20, 2018

The champions
Brazil picked adult a bullion award and nobody could oppose with their triumph. They were, but doubt, a best group during a tournament. With Guilhermao racking adult a goals, captain Neguinho pulling a strings and goalkeeper Francoar providing a wall during a back, a South Americans finished their debate by chanting “Brazil conquers Argentina” in a Main Futsal Hall. A Seleção non-stop a scoring before a second notation in 4 of their 6 games, including their semi-final with a hosts and a final opposite Russia.

Brazil were also a many inclusive group on uncover with 32 goals – 7 some-more than Argentina, a second tip scorers – and were a many clinical as well, wanting an normal of 7.8 shots on aim to find a net. On tip of that, they managed to better Russia twice and also saw off Iran and Argentina. In short, they were wise champions.

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