All a greeting to Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

Liverpool match-winner Divock Origi
It was some-more about a team. We did so well. We knew it would be a special night. We wanted to quarrel for a harmed guys. We fought so hard.

Two-goal Liverpool surrogate Georginio Wijnaldum
Unbelievable. After a diversion in Spain, we were assured we could measure 4 and win 4-0. People outward doubted us and suspicion we couldn’t do it. But once again we showed all is probable in football. we was unequivocally indignant that a manager put me on a bench. we only attempted to assistance my team, I’m happy we could do that with dual goals.

Georginio Wijnaldum scores his second idea and Liverpool's third

Georginio Wijnaldum scores his second idea and Liverpool’s third©Getty Images

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson
Unbelievable. we don’t consider many people gave us a chance. We knew it would be formidable though still possible. The faith we have in a changing room is amazing. We knew we could do something special during Anfield. Look during a fans and a lads – this is a special night. This is adult there with a best.

We wanted to start fast. We got an early idea that helped. It wasn’t only a goal, it was removing after them and putting them underneath pressure. We knew if we showed celebrity and heart afterwards we’d have a chance.

Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson
Who’s going to a final? We are. That’s all that matters. Gini went on [for me] and scored two. we don’t caring right now. I’ve pronounced so many times this deteriorate though what a team. We believe. People wrote us off. But we believed if we got off to a good start we could do it.

Alisson has pulled off some unimaginable saves. Fingers crossed. We go to [the final day of a Premier League deteriorate on] Sunday full of energy. It’s out of a hands, though we’ve seen foreigner things happen. Especially tonight.

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold on his discerning support for Divock Origi’s winner
It was only instinct; we see a opportunity. Gini is a tip player, he scored dual goals. Everyone will remember this moment.

Virgil outpost Dijk (right) shows his fun during a final whistle

Virgil outpost Dijk (right) shows his fun during a final whistle©AFP/Getty Images

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp
The whole performance, a whole diversion was indeed too much. It was overwhelming. we pronounced to a boys before a diversion that it was impossible, though since it was them, they had a chance. I’ve watched so many games in my life though we can’t remember any games like this. We played opposite a best group in a world, we weren’t authorised to concur and we had to score. Winning was already difficult, though doing it though conceding – we don’t know how. These boys are incredible.

James Milner great on a representation during a end, it means so most to all of us. It’s a best proviso of football. This kind of atmosphere is so special. The brew of intensity and unimaginable heart is only a brew I’ve never seen before. In a diversion like this we have to be unequivocally confident. Origi and Shaq didn’t play a lot, so putting in a opening like this was so critical to us and them. It unequivocally shows what’s probable in football: removing out of a non-situation, it’s unequivocally nice.

The goalkeeper done all these saves; it’s a genuine strength. There are some-more fantastic goalkeepers out there, though he was always removing his physique behind a ball. we don’t know how he does it.

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