2019/20 #WU17EURO subordinate turn draw

The pull has been done for a 2019/20 UEFA European Women’s Under-17 Championship subordinate round, involving 44 of a 47 entrants on a highway to Sweden.

The pull was done by Anne Rei, president of a UEFA Women’s Football Committee, and Laura Haas, who perceived a 2018 WU17 EURO Fair Play esteem on behalfof final season’s Germany team. The finals in Sweden will act as Europe’s qualifier for a 2020 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

Qualifying turn draw

Group 1 (21–27 October): England, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina (hosts), Croatia

Group 2 (19–25 September): Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, Moldova (hosts)

Group 3 (15–21 September): France, Iceland, Belarus (hosts), Malta

Group 4 (20–26 September): Finland, Austria, Slovakia (hosts), Estonia

Group 5 (17–23 October): Norway, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands (hosts)

Group 6 (22–28 September): Denmark (hosts), Russia, Wales, FYR Macedonia

Group 7 (10–16 September): Republic of Ireland, Greece, Lithuania (hosts), Albania

Group 8 (20–26 October): Czech Republic, Serbia (hosts), Ukraine, Georgia

Group 9 (2–8 October): Poland, Hungary (hosts), Bulgaria, Kazakhstan

Group 10 (14–20 October): Italy, Scotland (hosts), Northern Ireland, Montenegro

Group 11 (22–28 October): Netherlands (hosts), Portugal, Israel, Latvia

hosts/dates tbc

Laura Haas (right) receives a 2018 Fair Play esteem on interest of Germany

Laura Haas (right) receives a 2018 Fair Play esteem on interest of Germany©UEFA around Getty Images

Bye to chosen round: Spain, Germany

Bye to finals: Sweden (hosts)

Road to Sweden
• The tip dual sides in any organisation and a dual third-placed teams with a best record opposite a tip dual in their territory join Spain and Germany in a chosen turn pull on 22 Nov 2019, with a games in open 2020.

• Seven teams will eventually validate to join Sweden in a finals in May 2020.

How a pull worked

Draw procession seeding pots
Pot A:
England, Norway, Netherlands, France, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland

Pot B: Austria, Belgium, Serbia, Iceland, Hungary, Scotland, Russia, Slovenia, Portugal, Turkey, Greece

Pot C: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Israel

Pot D: Croatia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Malta, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, Albania

*Based on prior decisions of a UEFA Executive Committee and UEFA Emergency Panel, Russia and Ukraine can't be drawn in a same group.

Bye to chosen round: Spain, Germany

Bye to final tournament: Sweden (hosts)

Who was involved?
• Hosts Sweden validate directly for a final contest in May 2020.

• Top seeds Spain and Germany accept a bye to a chosen round.

• The remaining 44 entrants start in a subordinate turn where they are be separate into 11 groups of four.

The draw
• There were 4 seeding pots in suitability with a fellow rankings list, with a 11 countries with a top ranking in Pot A, a subsequent 11 in Pot B, and so on.

• Each organisation has one organisation from any pot, with hosts afterwards allocated to theatre a mini-tournaments, provisionally scheduled between 5 Aug and 27 Oct 2019

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