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A ‘Drop the Mic’ Moment for a Man Who Paid College Basketball Recruits

  • March 17, 2020

Miller now pretends to know Dawkins only in passing. But he can be heard on F.B.I. recordings cursing like an old friend of that same young man, talking about recruits and the coaches he competes against. This audio, collected through wiretaps, was not used at the trial and is presented here publicly for the first time.

Miller’s assistant coach Book Richardson is heard saying that Miller paid top dollar to secure the services of Deandre Ayton, a center who became the first pick in the N.B.A. draft. “Sean’s the one that fronted the deal,” Richardson says.

Miller has waved off that claim as calumny, even though Richardson served as Miller’s faithful No. 2 for more than a decade at Xavier and Arizona.

On another recording, which has never been heard publicly and remains under a judge’s seal, Dawkins listens as Wade, the L.S.U. coach, boasts with an expletive of a “strong” offer to a recruit, with the dollar value apparently tilted toward the family. “I know why he didn’t take it. It was,” Wade said, “tilted toward his family.”

This offer, Wade added a touch hyperbolically, would “compensate him more than” the N.B.A.’s rookie minimum salary.

Miller later talks with Dawkins and gives Wade an appreciative nod, saying he is driving up the costs of recruiting. “I’ll tell you what, I give him credit,” Miller said, adding a vulgarity.

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