Sit down and check out the Best Movies for Toddlers

Disney is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to making movies for children, and toddlers are no exception to that rule. While they have dozens of great options for parents to choose from, 2016’s Moana is our pick for the best overall choice. It features an excellent story about forgiveness and adventure, an extraordinary story, and songs that will most definitely get stuck in parents and children’s heads alike.

On the island of Motunui, every person has a job. Moana is in line to be the next leader of the island, but her heart is in the ocean, past the borders where her people sail. Torn between her love for the ocean, and her duty to her people, she doesn’t know what her future holds. A dark blight begins to eat away at the island and threatens everyone who lives there. Her grandmother shows Moana a secret cove. One filled with ships that can sail far beyond those borders so that she can turn away the blight by returning the heart of Te Fiti.

Moana’s story revolves around both her and the demigod Maui, the one responsible for having stolen the heart, to begin with. It follows Moana as she embraces her true destiny, fights against her fears and anxieties, and ultimately finds a way to save her people. Between the music, the Polynesian representation on screen, and the story itself, there is plenty here to love.

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